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Dress Code

Student Dress Code

The Gregory Gardens dress code is intended to provide for the comfort and safety of all students and to maintain a suitable learning environment free of distractions, as outlined in the district policy. Students should dress appropriately for going to school, including cleanliness and neatness of dress. Clothing should be appropriate for the weather conditions.

For all children

 Clothing may not display words, messages or symbols inappropriate for the school setting. This includes t-shirts with logos representing adult themes.

 Underwear may not be visible.

Grades 3 – 5:

 Shorts, dresses and skirts must be at least as long as the student’s fingertips with arms held down by side.

 Make-up except for clear lip gloss is not allowed.

 Tops must cover the student’s shoulder; no muscle shirts, tank tops or spaghetti straps unless worn over a t-shirt.

Children often show their individuality through their choice of clothing and/or through hair color and hairstyles. There is no rule against particular hair styles or colors, however if a child’s hair or attire becomes a distraction parents may be asked to change it.

If there is a question regarding the appropriateness of a student’s attire, the judgment of school personnel will prevail.