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What is R.S. Preschool?

We Miss our Students!

The Robert Shearer Special Education Preschool, located on the Gregory Gardens Elementary School campus, serves approximately 150 children with an age range of birth to 5 years.

  • The Robert Shearer POD was designed and constructed to meet the needs of preschool hearing, speech and language handicapped students.   The design of this facility took into consideration the need for appropriate acoustic characteristics necessary for teaching the hearing impaired.  Three of our other classrooms are located on the Elementary Campus.   These were formerly kindergarten or first grade classrooms and have converted easily into preschool rooms.
  • Preschool services provided to children who have developmental delays, language delays, hearing impairments, or learning disabilities. The children attend classes two to five days a week.  The early intervention program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students also incorporates home or preschool, direct service (both individual and group), and within education classes.  Audiology services, as well as occupational and physical therapy and drop-in speech therapy services are also provided at this school.
  • The Preschool Assessment Center is also located on this campus in Room 17. The Preschool Assessment Team is always involved in the initial assessment and screening to determine eligibility to address needs prior to kindergarten enrollment.