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Dress Code

While Gregory Gardens celebrates the individuality of its students, it also realizes it's obligation to maintain a positive learning environment.  Clothing should allow for safe participation in physical activities and shall be appropriate for the weather conditions. Certain attire is not acceptable at Gregory Gardens:


Pants / Shorts - that are too baggy are not permitted.  Pants or shorts must fit properly around the waist and may not be over-sized or dragging on the ground. Low wasted pants and bare midriff are not appropriate for school wear. 


Shorts – “short-shorts” or shorts that permit underwear or pockets to show are not allowed.  “Cutoffs” cannot have slits up the side.  “Bicycle” or spandex pants are not appropriate unless layered under a long top.  Shorts should be as long or longer than a student's fingertips when hands are held down, along side.


Tops – No strapless, backless, bare midriff or spaghetti strap tops are allowed, straps shall be at least two fingers-width wide.  No tank tops or abbreviated athletic tops. Shirts and jackets with inappropriate language are not allowed. Words or pictures shall contain positive or neutral messages.  Tops shall extend to or below the waist.


Shoes – No bare feet or stocking feet.  Shoes, such as thongs or toe-less shoes are considered inappropriate for many school activities;  students with these shoes may be restricted from recess or other activities. No shoe skates or wheeled shoes allowed.


Hats – must be worn with bill forward and not have any questionable language or graphics.  Graphics and words will be positive or neutral.  Hats must be removed when indoors.  


Make-up - is not to be worn at school.   Students may be directed to remove make-up if worn to school.      


Jewelry - may not be distracting or pose a safety hazard.  Chains, padlocks or metal spikes whether incorporated in jewelry or attire are not appropriate to be worn at school and will be confiscated.  


Gang-related apparel is prohibited.


If there is a question regarding the appropriateness of any student’s attire, and/or how the apparel is impacting student behavior or student safety (either physically or emotionally), the judgment of the school personnel will prevail.  Parents will be called to replace clothing when it is inappropriate, presents a potential hazard, or is a distraction to the educational program.  If necessary, a neutral replacement garment will be provided by the school.


Any items that are confiscated by staff may be returned to the student at the end of the day, or to parents by appointment.