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Board Members



2014-15 PTA Board Members


President -                           Hannah Smith    

Vice President -                   Leslie Irving

Secretary                             Erica Lashley 

Treasurer -                            Deborah Napierski

Historian -                             Susan Waid

Parliamentarian-                   Max Hayworth          

Rm Parent Coordinator -    Erica Lashley

• Ways & Means -                   Leslie Irving & Indira Mitchell

• Communications-                Laura & Isidro Alvarez     

• Membership -                       Christine Buelna    

Hospitality-                           Ying Yu & Mechele Hurd

Superintendent Liaison-      Katherine & David Piper   

PEP Coordinator-                 Cynthia Duarte-Bishop        

A/S Enrichment-                   Indira Mitchell 

• Student Council Liaison       Erica Lashley

Merchandise -                        Cynthia Duarte-Bishop      

•  Teacher Liaison-                   Lorna Medeiros

Grants-                                    Deborah Naperski & Nichole Vensko




Our Gregory Gardens' PTA is always interested in hearing your suggestions and comments regarding PTA sponsored events, fundraisers and programs.   Please e-mail any questions or concerns you may have to


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After School Programs sponsored by the PTA

After School Programs:


Mondays - Chess

Tuesdays - Mad Science

Wednesdays - Computer Fun

Thursdays - Funkmode

Fridays - Bricks for Kids


Look for flyers to come home with your students in their Wednesday envelopes every six to eight weeks regarding these after school programs.