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August Minutes

Gregory Gardens Elementary
Site Council Meeting minutes
of August 29, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 2pm.
Attending the meeting were Cheryl Kolano, Principal,
Mr. Reed Affolter, parent, Mr. Anthony Ralls, teacher, Mrs. Laurie Palmer, teacher, Mrs. Cynthia Tubbs, staff.
School Site Council Member Nomination form for 2014-15
There were two proposed changes to the Site Council Member Nomination form for the 2014-15 school year. Council discussed the previous form as showing “ 2-3 years” for a term, to be changed to ”1, 2 or 3 years“ term. That way we can fill Council positions, hopefully, drawing in some parents of upper grade students.
The next meeting of the SSC was posted for Monday, October 6, 4:30, but we discussed time and day for the meetings and it was decided to change the monthly meetings from the 1st Monday, to the 2nd Monday of the month at 4:00pm. The changes were approved as modified on the form. New meeting time Monday Oct. 13th, 4:00.
There will be a training presentation scheduled for the new members of the School Site Council in September. Current members are also invited.
The Single Plan for Student Achievement, is now called the Single Plan for Student Achievement and Site Local Control and Accountability Plan. Mrs. Kolano gave each member a copy (pg 1-47, 6/30/14) of the Plan template and explained to the Council some of the changes to the plan, and how to understand it.
Counseling Trainee/Intern
There was a recommendation that we look into getting a Counseling Trainee/Intern. The approximate cost was $6200. It was approved by all to look into hiring the Counseling Trainee.
There was no other business to discuss, in general, the first week of school was good.
The next monthly School Site Council meeting is scheduled for October 13, 4:00pm, in the school library.
Meeting was adjourned.