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Welcome to the home of Gregory Gardens Gators!

Gregory Gardens School opened its doors to students more than 60 years ago in March 1952. In the 70's the campus was expanded, under the guidance of ...more


Mrs. Cheryl Kolano, Principal  

Mrs. Elizabeth Lanfranki Law, VP

Mrs. Susan Killoran, Office Manager

Mrs. Kimberly Hendrix, Elementary Secretary

Ms. Tally Kinney, Head Custodian      

Mr. Ernie Rimundo, Evening Custodian


Office Phone No: (925) 827-3770

Office Fax No: (925) 687-8677


Gator Day

Gator Day

Wednesday, August 16th



(Formerly known as "All in One Day")


Gator Day is right around the corner!  Come to learn about PTA activities and ways you can support your student, as well as others attending Gregory Gardens.  Teacher assignments will be distributed, you will be able to purchase Gator gear, and you'll get a chance to turn in/fill out any extra forms. Please note the new time this year. See you there! 

PTA Gator Day Packet 2017.pdf

Registration FOR 2017/2018

To register for kindergarten for the 2017/2018 school year, your child must be 5 years of age by September  1, 2012.   If your child was born between September 2, 2012 and December 2, 2012, he/she will register for transitional kindergarten. 


You may register online for TK - 5th grade,  which is strongly recommended.    Please go to the following website to do so: .   (Please note, there is a small additional packet for parents to fill out which is not on the website.)   There are registration packets available in the office for those of you who do not have access to a computer.  Both packets will be available in the office as of Jan. 30th, 2017.    Registration is not complete until you physically come to the school office with the documentation listed below on Feb. 7th.


In addition to the registration packet, please bring the following**:

  • The original birth certificate and a copy (copy will remain at school)
  • The original shot/immunization records and a copy (the copy will remain at school)
  • Proof of address:  Please refer to the Residency Verification Form.  Picture I.D. and two original documents w/parent/guardian’s name and address (car registration, property taxes, payroll stub, federal/state taxes).

If you are interested in an Intra-District Transfer to another school for your kinder, they will be available on-line, at the school or District Office on Feb. 10, 2017.  The Intra Application must be turned in no later than March 1, 2017.  




Volunteers & Visitors

When you are on compus during school hours, please be sure you sign in at the office and wear a visitor's badge.  It is for the safety of your children that we ask everyone to do this. 

Student Dismissal

Dismissal for students in 1st - 5th grade: 
2:30 p.m. M,T,TH ,F
12:30 p.m. - Wednesdays
Students walking home unaccompanied should leave campus immediately in groups for safety.  The school does not advocate students waiting for their parents off campus.
If you are parking your car and greeting your student at the gate, you may continue doing so.  Parents may not drive into the staff parking near the preschool during elementary school dismissal.
For those remaining in their car to drive though the traffic circle, please remember that:
  • Students are seated with their grade level to wait for their rides; as you enter the circle you will see in order 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and finally 5th grade. 
  • As you drive along the circle, please pull forward along the curb before picking up your student(s).  We have 250 feet of curb, and when cars pull forward we can get more vehicles along the curb to safely load students.  When you pull forward past your student, they will be sent ahead to meet your car.
  • Cars may pull forward blocking the access to staff parking for dismissal
  • Cars may pass only to exit.